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Learn proven techniques from FTSE 500 executives, politicians, and professional athletes. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will send a short article that helps you become more productive, beat stress and improve your health.

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About Our Programme

Uber You is a Free 2 Week Programme delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday. Uber You teaches you how to become more productive and live a less stressed, happy life.

Be Your Best Self

You will receive insights on how to reach and sustain optimum performance when it matters most. You can learn how a professional basketball star performs at his peak all day, every day. You can see that a better you is a lucrative self-investment.

Increase Your Productivity

Find out how President Obama gets the most out of his day with just one easy trick. We will cover strategies to manage your time and tasks more effectively at work or at home. You will be able to achieve more in less time.

Build Mindfulness

We will share easy-to-apply strategies that will help you to manage stress, focus your attention, and think more positively. You can even learn how the executive of a FTSE 500 company uses mindfulness to improve brain performance.

Feel Better

Discover efficient and simple techniques to create a healthy lifestyle for both your mind and body. You will not only sleep better, you will also notice a reduction in fatigue and muscle tension.

We have worked with
and learned from the best.

Our partners are world-leading researchers in psychology, sleep medicine, and data science.

"[It] pushes me to go to my limits and to give what it takes to achieve my dreams."

Rachel Neylan, Silver Medalist 2012 Cycling World Championship

"It's a great product. It definitely helps because if I find something difficult, I just take the decision immediately."

Senior Manager at Multinational Professional Services Firm

"I do little exercises every day and have seen a huge improvement in my concentration levels and sleep quality. It's definitely improved my productivity at work."

Analyst at Global Auditing Firm

"I find the programme extremely useful. I now do an Eisenhower review of my to-do list every Monday morning to help me manage my workload and priorities. I also focus on the wind-down activities of the evening, which noticeably reduces my stress levels."

Director at EY