Mindful Meditation

Mental Wellbeing

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The Benefits

Mindful meditation is a powerful way to clear the mind. It can help before an important meeting or a presentation. In the long term, it also sharpens concentration levels, relaxes your body and unlocks energy.

How To Do It

Meditate for one minute. If you can, sit comfortably with your back straight on a chair or bed. It is not necessary to cross your legs to do this. Sit up straight, but not stiff. Your comfort is more important than the way you sit. Imagine that your head is pulled up by a string, so that you look straight ahead. It is okay to close your eyes and smile

If you are not at home, you can still meditate. Do it while you are on a walk, on the train or at your office desk.

Start by observing your breath. Slowly inhale, hold your breath for a second and exhale. Many people find it easier to count while they breathe in (1), breathe out (2)...and in again (3). Once you count to 10, begin anew. Repeat this for about a minute

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Make It A Routine

The great point about 1 Minute Meditations is, well…, it only takes 1 minute. Remember this technique the next time you walk into an important meeting, start a presentation or feel anxious about an upcoming conversation. Take this one minute out of your schedule and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel afterwards.

How It Works

Meditation does not only feel good, it transforms the balance of emotions in the brain. Imaging studies of novice meditators show that the neural pathways that play a role in happiness and executive control are strengthened while the networks that are related to anxiety and stress are lowered.

Enjoy and see you soon!

“Focus your mind and boost your energy! It’s great for concentration and wellbeing, and the best thing? It takes just one minute per day.”

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Join our 2 Week Programme and get more articles like this to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday.